Testimonials & Endorsements

“Your pro-life work and film are excellent. I trust that God will ultimately use your investment in time to advance his Kingdom.”

Ken Willig, President, Pinnacle Forum America

“Friends, I was at a gathering with some pro-choice people the other day, and one of them went to the microphone and said, ‘I’m pro-choice but I saw Alveda’s ad (VirtueMedia™) and now, I’m thinking about it.’

Education, yes. Rally, yes. Pray, yes. Speak up, yes. ACT and PRAY always.”

Dr. Alveda King

“Everyone is loving this ad. You have really outdone yourself. I cannot thank you enough for making this come to life.”

Shane Wikfors, Executive Director, Arizona Right to Life

“Your new video is breathtaking! How can C.A.P. work with you to produce similar pro-life, pro-family spots? Your ‘Humane Humanity’ (commercial) is truly outstanding. God bless.”

Len Munsil, Director, Center for Arizona Policy

“Indeed, the adversary is formidable and the communications media very complex. But if this and similar means are put to good use, surely it will find its way to the hearts of people.”

Alfonso Cardinal Lopez Trujillo, Pontificum Consilium Pro Familia, The Vatican

“Massachusetts Citizens for Life had a great response with the six week run of ‘Humane Humanity’. Keep up the good work.”

Darby Duffin, Massachusetts Citizens for Life

“I was quite impressed with the film, and would think that other pro-life groups would be extremely interested.”

Bernard Dobranski, Dean, Ave Maria School of Law, Ann Arbor, Michigan

“God’s graces working through the work you do – what a blessing. Your messages are clear and true, therefore they speak to the human soul. I am grateful to God for all you do to help build his Kingdom.”

Fr. Fred Adamson, Vicar General, Diocese of Phoenix

“Our web site traffic went from about 50 hits per day to about 500 hits per day while the ad was airing. Keep up the great work.”

Michael Janocik, Assistant Director, Right to Life of Kentucky

“The messages aren’t condescending or judgmental, but are compassionate, inviting, loving and educational.”

The Wanderer

“(The VirtueMedia™ commercial) just sits with you. You start thinking and pondering it.”

The Catholic Sun

“From February 15-19 we received 122 phone calls; February 20-26, 160 calls … a huge success … Thank you for helping us reach out to women and children in need.”

Shirley A. Marquis, Executive Director, Reachout Pregnancy Counseling Agency, Tucson, AZ

“We have already had one young couple who decided to have their baby. They came in because they saw these ads. I am so excited that we have this opportunity to advertise on television.”

Alison R. Townrow, Executive Director, Prince George CPC, British Columbia, Canada

“What happened in your area is most impressive. Certainly, you have my enthusiastic support. I pray that your work may spread throughout the United States.”

The Late Cardinal John P. Foley, Past President, Pontifical Council for Social Communications

“I think there are far more people who feel as strongly as we do but they just don’t know what to do, how to go about changing the culture. Helping to get the word out, especially the ABC link one, is their chance to do just that.”

The Tidings of Los Angeles

“VirtueMedia™ is tapping into the power of the media to promote the Gospel of Life. I have had the opportunity to have VirtueMedia™ give their presentation at two different parishes that I’ve been assigned to as pastor. On both occasions their presentation was very well received, with parishioners offering many positive comments afterwards. VirtueMedia™ presents with compassion and conviction; their presentation touches people’s hearts.”

Fr. Greg Menegay, Pastor, St. Mary Magdalene, Gilbert, AZ

“It was great working with you. We greatly appreciated partnering with you in this ministry of life. The average cost per abortion-vulnerable caller, using the commercial VirtueMedia™ produced, was $22 nationally!”

Kurt Entsminger, President, CareNet

“This campaign was in fact more successful than we imagined! Within minutes of an ad being played, our center was deluged with calls…As a direct result of the ads, many babies were saved from abortion.”

Sheila Riely, Director, Life Choices Women’s Clinic, Phoenix, AZ

“Thanks for sending the Abortion Breast Cancer link commercials. Great work.”

Dr. Walter Larimore, Focus on the Family, Colorado Springs, CO