How Does It Work?

You work for a Pregnancy Help Clinic and your mission and specialty is serving abortion-vulnerable women. We are a not-for-profit with a passion for creating pro-life advertising ... Together we can partner our talents and passion to save many lives!

Most Pregnancy Help Clinics don’t have a budget to create high production value, proven effective TV advertisements…but wish they did.

VirtueMedia™ offers Pregnancy Help Clinics an opportunity to air proven-effective commercials that reach abortion-vulnerable women, and the cost to a Pregnancy Help Clinic is the contribution of a modest licensing fee.

Pregnancy Help Clinics partner with VirtueMedia™ by licensing the use of VirtueMedia™ ads and choose to either use our trackable, VirtueMedia™ end-tag which is fulfilled by OptionLine (866-88-Woman /, or VirtueMedia™ commercials can be custom tagged with your Pregnancy Help Clinic website and phone number.